Shahid Afridi Six Who got 12 Runs

Karachi: Shahid Afridi hit 476 Sixes in All types of Cricket that World Record of Sixes from Any Players. In cricket History, From Garry Sobers to Virat Kohli, Every players prove himself strongly. Here is complete list of this kind of players. One of them from List, Shahid Afridi on Top. When Shahid Afridi six got 12 Runs.

Boom Boom Shahid Afridi, who took out the batsman's bowlers and sprinkles, recorded a number of records. He made the fastest one-day Test in his first innings, on 4 October 1996, with only 37 balls against Sri Lanka, 102 runs, which had a record for 20 years. Shahid Afridi took the highest 351 sixs in one-day cricket, with more than 81 balls from the second highest batsman. It also has a unique record in its place.
So, there are dozens of Shahid Afridi's dozens of six who are loved by his favorite but not very favorite, but his identifier has been recorded for two six days, and the Melbourne Cricket Stadium hooked on which he got 12 runs and his victim The bowlers were flaming. The stadium was on the stadium and according to the rules, 12 runs will be added to the batsman's bowling bowler and Shahid Afridi  six got the ball to the ceiling, the Umpire holder was also worried that 12 It was a sign of the series, but then he made the cross of the two hands crossed, which means no one could understand, cricket team's constituents called the signal for 12 runs when fans say that the Empire It was a sign that now it is bound to catch Shahid Afridi with both hands. Shahid Afridi is one of the sixth known for the reason that after taking bat, it was 158 meters away from the ball wicket which still has a record.

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